Friday, November 4, 2011

Genius Idea

Have you guys heard of Pinterest? It's an amazing site; although it can be QUITE addicting. *ahem*

Anyway, these past few days I really haven't felt well at all, so I've been perusing Pinterest. I think I've pinned probably 15 recipes. At least.  And lots of other things.

One of the things that caught my eye totally made me go, "DOH!", smack my forehead and wonder why I never thought of it myself!!!

Self Serve Snack Stations. 

I made one for the fridge and one for the cupboard.

For the fridge I put cheese sticks, baggies of grapes, baggies of sliced apples and tubs of peanut butter in a tupperware and set the whole thing on the bottom shelf where everyone can reach it. For the cupboard I have granola bars, baggies of pretzels, animal crackers and Cheez-Its.
Now when the kids say they are hungry, I can direct them to either of these tubs!  My only concern is that they are going to eat it all up in one day. ;-)  So I'll have to monitor that, but I must say I'm excited to try it out!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wowza, that was a looooong time with no update or post or anything, huh?

Shame on me. ;-)

But I'm back, with some lovely, wonderful news!


We are so very, very excited and I will keep you all updated here.
There has been SO MUCH that has happened since my last post, but the thought of writing it all down and finding all the pictures is too daunting.  So just know we've been alive and well and we're all ecstatic about the newest member of our family coming to join us in June!

And please excuse me if I go a little (ok, a lot) baby crazy for a while... It's been 4 years and by the time the baby comes it'll be almost 5 since I've held a little newborn. ;-)