Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Confess

I confess:

*I am very frustrated with the lack of summer weather.  As posted on my FB page today, it is absolutely ridiculous that I'm wearing knee socks, jeans, 2 shirts and a vest while drinking hot chocolate and it's June 29th. RIDICULOUS, I tell you!

*I skipped swim lessons yesterday because it was just too rainy and cold.

*I ate far too many chocolate chip coconut cookies yesterday.

*I have a muscle in my chin that is twitching and it's driving me batty.

*I've been ripping the velcro out of some cloth diapers for my sister (we're replacing with snaps) and I feel like a little old lady, with my glasses on the end of my nose doing finepoint needle work.

*I am so excited for next week, because we get to stay in a cabin at our church property and hang out with good friends for a week!

*I hope it's sunny and warm so we can swim.

*Josh cleaned the carpets, and although the look much better they still are gross. =( Too bad new carpets are so expensive.

*Josh and I stayed up talking and laughing past midnight the other night and we both felt like we were engaged again.

*We are now squared away and know what we'd spend our money on if we win the lottery. :-D

*I have been a super bad blogger friend and haven't been reading/commenting on anyone's blogs.

*I have some friends from Norway coming over to visit next week, and I can't wait!!!! One of them has an adorable baby girl that I can't wait to hold and give squishy kisses to.

*I am doing a liquid fast until dinner today because I ate far, far too much junk yesterday... and the amount of trips I've made to the bathroom is just insane.

*Please, please summer... Come shine on us!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Things I Loved This Weekend

*Doing a pop can drive with the kiddos in our church for a fundraiser

*Chilling with my hubby after said fundraiser. ;-)

*Mastering the art of starting the charcoal grill all by myself and not setting anything on fire.

*Playing Uno with the kids, and Christian winning the game. It was his very first time ever playing. =)

*Strategically handing out Candyland cards so the game will just END already, since it's way past bedtime. ;-)

*Puttering around in the yard with my hubby and kids, and it being warm enough for us all to be in swimsuits.

*Fresh homemade strawberry shortcake

*Watching Monk with Josh and eating Good & Plentys

*Sleeping in. The kids are big enough that they can get up and start a movie so we can lay in bed a while longer. Bliss.

*BBQ chicken salad

*Having a clean house

*Getting in a nice walk with the family

*The way the yard looks after Josh edged, weeded and mowed

*Showering and shaving TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!! :-D

Monday, June 20, 2011

Because of him...

Because of him, I clean all the garbage out of the car every time we get out so it doesn't end up looking like a HazMat zone.

Because of him, I have 3 beautiful children.

Because of him, I have a very well kept yard that welcomes me home every time I drive up.

Because of him, I know unconditional love.

Because of him, I get a head massage every night as we fall asleep.

Because of him, I get to stay home with my kiddos every day.

Because of him, I have help with the laundry, dishes, bedtime, etc...
Because of him, I don't have the 7 year itch and I can't wait for the next 7 years together.

Because of him, I am treated to bubble baths with candles and wine.

Because of him, I get to watch chick flicks, cuddled up next to him.

Because of him, my life is richer and fuller.

Because of him, I am so very lucky and so very, very blessed.

Happy Father's Day, babe.  I love you and you mean the world to me!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Happenings

June is a busy month around here!

First off, my sister Liz celebrated her birthday!!  I made her breakfast on our special birthday plate.
And here is the birthday girl with her daughter, Miss Savannah. Aren't they gorgeous!?
I didn't get any pictures of her opening her gifts, but did get one of the dessert. My mom made a supremely delicious lemon cheesecake that was just divine.
Happy Birthday, Liz! May this next year be infinitely better than last year was, and my you be filled with joy, love and peace. We love you and I'm so glad we are back in town and can spend all our time together. =)

Next up we had Kate's kindergarten graduation.  Oh my, it was so cute! They performed 6 or 7 songs, complete with sign language.  I videotaped it, but unfortunately my camera is broken or something and the whole thing is blurry. :,-( **sob**  I did get some pics with my cell phone and some with my sister's, so that's better than nothing.

Here she is after the ceremony with Grandma Kris.  She has brain cancer but is doing well right now. We love her to bits and pieces!!
My sister-n-law also came. Her name is Ruthanne. My name is Ruth Anne.  We get each other's emails and texts all the time. ;-)
My mom, my sister Sarah, my boys, Kate, Lilly and Savannah
Kate and Lilly, Sarah's daughter
Can you tell Kate *LOVES* babies!? :-D
Here we are with her.  These are my old glasses (I refuse to wear my new, ugly ones) and I just can't get used to seeing myself with glasses on. :-P  Ugh, blurry cell phone picture. =(
And we were super fortunate that her great-grandparents were in town and they came too!! Yes, my daughter had a full-on entourage at her kindergarten graduation. :-D
Kate and her little friend, who whispered back and forth to each other during the whole program. ;-)
All lined up with her class
I'm sorry for the blurry pictures, but so glad my sisters took some with their cell phones so I have some! I can't believe she is done with kindergarten already.  The year flew by! Next year I will have 2 kiddos in school. :-O
Kate couldn't wait until Father's Day to give Josh the present she made at school.  So we did it early. =)
They folded the paper bag to look like a shirt/fishing vest! So clever! And here's the back:
 Josh opening his gift:
And here is what was inside:
A can they decorated with a baggie of goldfish inside and a pencil with a fish on it.  The back of the fish said, "Dad, you're a great catch!"  I must say, I agree wholeheartedly! ;-)
Sweet kiss from dad. AWWWWW!
In other news, we've had a few sunny/warm days and we broke out the sprinkler and our tiny pool  My sister Sarah rigged up this makeshift clothesline to dry the swimsuits. =)
And lastly, just because it's true:
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday Fess Up

If you're reading this Thursday, SURPRISE! ;-)

Otherwise, Happy Friday!

I confess:

*I am having a love affair with Boulder Canyon Rice and Bean chips. If you read my weight-loss blog, you know this.

I've also been enjoying Good & Plenty.

Not by the case.  Yet.

*Josh and I started watching "Monk" and we love it.

*My sister and I got our eyebrows threaded today.  It was an experience. It takes the place of waxing or plucking.  I am super happy with the results and will probably do it again.  It is very funny to watch.  I think it originated in India, and the gal who did ours was Indian.  They hold the thread in their mouth like that, and bob their head up and down to pull out the hairs, while twisting with their fingers.  I want to know how on earth someone came up with it.

*I might paint our windows black.  The actual glass.  Because the sun comes in so bright that my kids get up at 6, when they are CLEARLY not done sleeping.  We have blinds, curtains AND a blanket tacked up, yet no dice.  I'm kidding about painting the windows black.  But we will be getting black-out shades. Probably not as nice as these, because my children would rip those paper tubes to shreds.  I tell ya, they've been beasts lately!

*I made my very first tissue paper puff ball and I *love* it! I would show you a picture of the actual one I made, but my cell phone can't capture it's gloriousness.  I am totally making some and using them in Kate's room when I redo it. So easy! So cheap!
*I planted a zinnia today.  Kate brought it home as a seed and it grew into a little baby plant. Today we planted it outside and I'm excited to see what kind of zinnia it is.

*I can count on two hands the number of times I"ve flossed this year.  And last.  I know, it's sick and wrong but I just don't ever do it.  My teeth haven't fallen out yet and I don't have gingivitis so all's well that ends well.  Or something.  It's all fun and games til my teeth fall out of my head.
Um, no? Yikes. Please don't burn my teeth out of my skull menacing freaky Jason tooth!

*I just read the book Heaven is For Real.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It is amazing!!! Whether you're a Christian or not, you should read it.  It's a very easy, quick read and it's just amazing.  

*The book mentions Akiana, the amazing little girl who painted this picture of Jesus when she was only 8 years old.  When Colton (the boy in the book) saw this picture of Jesus, he said it was the only one that was "right".  All the other depictions of Christ he'd seen were not accurate.  But this one is.  Akiana was raised by an atheist, but began having "visions" of heaven and Jesus and started painting them at age 4.  Goosebumps, anyone!?
*I am a sheet snob.  I love 600+ thread count sheets.  They are muy expensivo, though.  So we have 3 of them that we've used until they got holey.  And we still use them.  Because they are just SO SOFT.  And we don't have $50 to spend on sheets.  But oh, are they ever lovely!

*I do not own anything that is monogrammed. But I think it would be fun.  I'm not sure what I would want monogrammed, though. 
*I wouldn't mind being here for, oh, a week or so.  I'd also like to bring the kids.  WITH A NANNY.  So they can be along in the fun but I can still get my massage in peace, knowing they are in good hands.  
*Christian had his 5 year check up last week.  I forgot to bring his immunization records from the state we moved from last year.  SO  after we'd waited forever for the doc, then saw him for 10 minutes, I had to run home, get the papers, and then we had to wait AGAIN.  Because they weren't sure if he needed any vaccines.  He didn't.  But while we were waiting to find out, I snapped this picture of them all saying "MACARONI AND CHEEEEEEESE!" And yes.  I left them unattended on the table. :-P


Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Monday

I have compiled a list of random info, just for you.

Am I amazing or what? Wait.  Don't answer that. ;-)

So the other day I took a shower (I KNOW!) and then I SHAVED MY LEGS.  Alert the media! Call Guinness Book of World Records! Major Breaking News!! So yeah, I shaved.  Above the knee!  And when I got out, I went to lotion up. And guess what I found???  The lotion that I used on my wedding day over 7 years ago. :-O  Yes, I still have it.  And you bet your bottom dollar I used it, and the feelings I got when I smelled it were magical.  I remembered all the excitement and nervousness from that day.  I will be using it regularly this summer.  If you're wondering, it was Jergens Shimmer Lotion and they don't even make it anymore.  So I'm telling myself I'm using "couture lotion".  Cuz it sounds fancy. 

There are several pictures in my house that are crooked and it's driving me batty, and yet I still haven't straightened them.  I'm not sure why.  I think I sort of feel like, "What's the point?" because someone is going to come along and make them crooked again anyway.  But I am starting to feel like I live in the crooked house that Jack built, so I'll probably take the time to make them all straight soon.  Probably.

My older two kiddos are starting swimming lessons this month and I am so excited! Kate in particular has a phobia/recurring nightmare of sinking in the pool (at our church property) so I'm hoping it will give her the confidence and sense of safety she needs to really enjoy it.  Christian is a natural born fish and already knows how to propel himself through the water; without using his arms and legs.  Yep, you read that right.  He moves like a dolphin sort of, wiggling his whole body up and down and zips through the water.  Anyway, I'm excited for them both to learn water safety and get a general idea of how to at least float, if not learn to swim.

We bought a fire pit and I'm super excited to break it out and use it.  Although, it feels really cheap!  It was pretty cheap; only $40 but it's super lightweight.  Hopefully we didn't waste our money.  I'm excited to light it up in the summer and roast marshmallows around it.  S'mores, here we come!!

I also want to fix up our back porch more by adding lights and maybe tiki torches.  The only problem with the tiki torches is that it will impede the flow of traffic and I'm afraid one of the kids will impale themselves on it, or knock it over and start a grass fire or some such nonsense.  So I'm thinking hanging lights around the porch and putting citronella pots at strategic intervals will be a better option.  Josh is going to make me a clothes line on one side too, so we can dry our towels and bathing suits out there.

Are you bored out of your skulls yet?  Have you lapsed into a coma?  Do you feel as though you've had a lobotomy?  I apologize.  But I will soldier on.  Because that's how I roll.

I want to paint my kitchen, but don't know what color to choose. We're also thinking about remodeling the whole thing, knocking out a wall and adding an island and moving the cupboards/fridge/stove around.  So then I don't want to do anything until that is all complete.  but we're not sure if we want to do it/invest in it since we might be moving in the next few years.  Decisions, decisions.

I also want to paint all our bedrooms. Kate's is going to be a light aqua color, the boys will have a darker blue... but not too dark.  Not navy but more like a mix between robin's egg blue and french blue.  Our bedroom is going to be a grayish color with green undertones.  Or maybe it's green with gray undertones.  Think putty.  It'll match our comforter and be soothing.  I hope. 

When I think of my kids, they each have a distinct color that "describes" them.  Kate is aqua, Christian is red and Owen is orange.  Weird, huh?  I feel like Josh is green and I am pink.  I wonder if he'd agree with me.

I am feeling the need for a major overhaul/organization party in my living room.  The toys are multiplying and taking over the living room.  And most of it is junk that I need to go through and discard. 

The people that were supposed to come cut down the trees in our front yard cancelled at the last minute. =(  They are still coming at some point, but I was SO excited to have those trees gone.  Hopefully sometime within the next few weeks they'll cut them down.

The library here is closed on Sunday and Monday and this makes me irrationally angry and frustrated.  I need to have access to Dorothea Benton Frank and Cecelia Ahern at all times!!!

I want a pedicure so so so bad.  French tips.  I tried to give myself french tips on my fingers and it was a total disaster. It looked like a seal  had done it; or some other creature without opposable thumbs.  It says "opposable" is spelled incorrectly.  But "oppisible" isn't right either.  Neither is "opposible".  How do you spell it, then!?

The day started out all sunshiney and bright and cheerful and now the clouds and gray are back. =(  However, my mom brought doughnuts over!!!!!! AND I have a chicken dish going in the crockpot for dinner, so all in all things are good.  As long as you don't look at the disaster zone also known as the living room.  Or the bathroom where Owen peed on the side of the toilet to spite me. He was totally mad that I was making him use the restroom before his nap so he peed down the side on purpose.  And when I scolded him he got a total puppy dog sad look and said in a barely audible voice, "I sorry, mommy.  I'm sorry" and then I had to relent because he was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open and he did try to wipe it up.

Boys are gross.  I don't understand how they can miss the big hole in the toilet so often.  I mean, they have the option to control where they are aiming, right???  Hello, aim for the water.  Pay attention.  Don't try to look over your shoulder and talk to your brother, meanwhile spraying hither and yon in my bathroom!! One day your future wives are going to be so grateful to me for the work I'm doing with you; teaching you to put it where it goes and close the seat and  lid afterwards.  You're welcome, Future Wives!

My grandparents are coming to town (Josh's grandparents, but I adopted them so they are mine too) ;-) and I'm super excited! I love them so much; Grandpa Rog prayed for me on my wedding day and I'll never forget it. It was right before I was supposed to walk down the aisle and I was so nervous I was shaking from head to toe.  I didn't have anyone walk me down, so I knew all eyes were going to be on me and I was sweating bullets!  He pulled me into a big bear hug and prayed for me and it helped so much.  =)

I feel that I am trying to come up with lots more things in order to avoid my housework, so I am going to give myself a spanking and put myself to work!  Spic and span, la dee da!  I know I'll appreciate it when everything is sparkling and smells good.  So here I go!

Buh Bye!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Kiddos, Part Three: Owen Joshua

At long last! I finally finished it. ;-) 

Owen is my third born child.  He was my biggest baby.  You're gonna laugh because he was only 7 pounds 4 ounces, but he was almost 23" long and had a head on him like Stewie.

He was my 3rd child, 5th pregnancy in 2.5 years.  I'd had 2 miscarriages in that time.  I know it seems crazy and impossible, but it's true.

Side note: Kate just came up and saw that picture and said, "Is that supposed to be Owen?"  Proof I'm not exaggerating.  End Side Note.

I saw the doctor the day before my due date, in tears, BEGGING him to induce me.  I was in so much pain.  You see, for some reason my stomach doesn't stretch that far out; I have a short torso and my babies are jammed all up in my ribs.  And him being the biggest and longest, well it was just torture.  At one point I even took Vicodin for the pain. (!!)  Remember, I have two other little kids to take care of--changing diapers, getting them in and out of the crib, playing with them, etc...  One day I got on the floor to play with them and literally got stuck.  My back was so bad I couldn't get up.  Josh already had to help me out of bed in the mornings, because my back was so weak that I just couldn't do it.  Anyway, I called my friend and she came and helped me get up off the floor.  Wow, I went off on a tangent there, didn't I??

So I'm begging the doctor to induce, but despite my tears he simply said, "We don't induce due to maternal discomfort."  I cried all the way home from the appointment, sure I was going to be pregnant and in pain forever.  Just as we were walking into our apartment, my phone rang and it was my OB.  He said the doctor on call had agreed to induce me on Sunday (this was Friday) and I was SO SO relieved.  Well, apparently that's all it took because I went into labor on my own that night.  The contractions woke me up throughout the night, but I was able to sleep through most of them.  Around 5a.m. they were coming 5 minutes apart, but still weren't unbearable.  I wasn't sure if I should go to the hospital since it wasn't that painful, but they were coming closer and closer together.  So I called my sister to come over and we headed to the hospital.

I thought they were going to turn me away, because they really didn't hurt that bad!  But when I got checked in I was already dilated to 4cm.  Now, you have to understand something.  My body does NO dilating beforehand.  Not even 1/2 a centimeter.  Once labor starts, I efface but don't dilate.  Once I'm 100% effaced, I dilate crazy fast and have the baby.  So to already be at 4 and in relatively little pain was awesome!  I walked around, then got my epidural.  Unfortunately, Owen came so fast that the epidural didn't have a chance to take effect.  It numbed my stomach but nothing else.  And did I mention he had a HUGE head?  Yeah.  THAT part was painful.

I just remember that I had to push out every last inch of him.  And the doctor was tugging on him the whole time too.  He was big.  And chubby.  And it seemed like it took FOREVER for him to be fully born, but I know in reality it wasn't.  It went really fast, actually.

And then I had my sweet, huge-headed, pug-nosed baby boy.
Look how tiny Kate and Christian are!! And Josh had hair, and is clearly cracking up in this picture. ;-)

My Boys. AWWWWW!!!!

The girls, with the newest little guy.


Sorry for the blurry photo.  I must say, the "after" is so much better than the "before".  :-D

 Such a proud big sister!

When Owen was only 6 weeks old, he got RSV and had to be hospitalized.  It was such a horrible experience.  We took him in late at night because he was having trouble breathing.  We'd already been using the nebulizer on him because he had bronchitis.  But it was just getting worse, so off to the ER we went.  They got us right in, and then the nightmare started.  The "nurse" had to give him an IV.  I had to leave the room, because I just couldn't watch.  Josh stayed with him and I sat outside bawling my eyes out.  When I came back in there was blood EVERYWHERE!!!

They had covered his carseat in a white sheet and apparently the "nurse" was in training and had to poke him several time.  Oh my goodness, my blood was boiling!!!!! My poor, poor baby!!!!!!!!  Here he is after the ordeal and with a clean white sheet under him.

From there we were admitted to the hospital where he received oxygen and antibiotics for a couple of days.  I can't remember exactly, but I think we were there for 3 days.  And through it all my precious little boy just smiled and cooed and giggled.  All the nurses fawned over him. =)

He had the IV in his hand, and at one point pulled it out.  I almost fainted right then and there, but luckily the doctors and nurses forced me to sit in a chair while they stopped the bleeding. Ugh.  They talked about putting the IV in his HEAD.  But they ended up using his foot instead.
And through it all, through all the pokes and prods, through all the vacuum/nasal suckings, through all the alarms constantly going off because his oxygen was too low, through all the awkward nursing sessions with wires and monitors hampering us,  he smiled.
My sister came to visit while I was there, and they made her dress up like this:
See that little teddy bear?  We were in the hospital a few weeks before Christmas and they gave Owen this little bear.  We still have it. 
I'll never forget my best friend Jen came to visit me and brought a HUGE bag of goodies.  Snacks and puzzles and movies and chocolate.  It was SO SO nice, and Jen, if I've never thanked you, I apologize.  And I'd like to say THANK YOU.  From the bottom of heart. (Also, we both are lucky enough to be smaller than this now.) ;-) (Also, also.  We were lucky enough to be pregnant together for all of my pregnancies.  To say we are close would be a major understatement.)

Happily, after those days in the hospital he was A-OK and returned home with us, the same happy baby.  He was seriously SO happy.  I joke that I used up all the anger genes while I was pregnant with him, so he got left with only happy ones. ;-)

This boy is so special to me, for a couple reasons.  While I was pregnant with him, I wanted a girl sooooooo badly.  But deep down, I just knew it was a boy.  As soon as the ultrasound tech told us we were having a boy, Josh and I both somehow just *knew* his name should be Owen.  It wasn't even on the list of names we were considering with Christian.  It means "well born" or "desire born" and also "young".  Joshua is after his dad and means "God is salvation".  It seems like when I was looking it up in the baby name book it meant young warrior or something.  Anyway, even though I had wanted a girl so badly, God knew I needed Owen.
After I had him I suffered from severe postpartum depression for months.  It went 7 months untreated, because I didn't know what it was.  And the only thing keeping me sane was this little baby, who smiled and laughed and cooed and giggled and was just such a joy.  He has been SUCH a blessing and even though he's 3 now and totally into throwing epic tantrums :-P we love him just as much and are so glad he's part of our family!

Owen, we love you heaps and bunches!