Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Notes

I found this little treasure on my bathroom mirror today:

Taken on my not-so-great phone camera, but wanted to record the moment.

I <3 U too, handsome!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Some things I'm wishing for, for this little girl:

SO SO fun!  The stroller and carseat are mine. ;-)  And that pack and play up there? See the little part on the top? That detaches and hooks to the side of the bed, so it's kind of like co-sleeping but not as scary. ;-)   I am going to have so much fun shopping for this little girl! 

But we still have no leads on a name.  It's so weird! Usually the name is set in stone by now.  There are lots and lots of nice names, but none of them are The One.  I could settle for any of them, but that feels weird after having a name jump out at us as The One with each of the others.  Ah, well.  I still have 20 weeks to figure it out. :-D

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keep the Names A'Coming

Cuz we're having a baby girl!

Here's the deal with me and names... I have a couple criteria.

1) Must be gender specific- no unisex names for us
2) Must have a good meaning.  Even if I like the name, if it has a negative or dumb meaning I won't use it.
3) Not TOTALLY mandatory, but I really am aiming for a name that no one else in our church/family has.

That last one knocks out quite a few names that were suggested.  Even though I do love some of them, I really like it that Kate, Christian and Owen are the only ones with those names in our extended West Coast church family.  Well, there are some Kathryns/Katies but no Kates. ;-)

Anyway, I'm loving the suggestions you guys are giving me, so keep them coming! :-D

Now I get to go shop for tiny pink, girly things! HOORAY!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is your name, little one??

So I am having a heck of a time naming this little bean! Well, that's not completely true.  We have a perfect boy name picked out... but are stuck on a girls name!  I find out on Thursday what the gender is and I can't wait!!

We've thought of lots of girl names that are okay... Emma, Sophia, Eleanor, Juliet, Abigail, Lydia, Elyse, etc... But none of them are jumping out as The One.  With all the other kids (and even the boy name this time) as soon as we've talked about a name, it's been clear that is The Name.

But we're just going in circles this time with a girl name!

Any suggestions? Obviously we like very gender-specific, classic names.  Any and All ideas are welcome! If you help us name the baby and it's a girl, I'll send you a little treat. :)

What?? What is your name, little one??

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's the little things...

*Stronger baby movements; more kicks and pokes as opposed to flutters

*Taking Kate's too-anatomically-correct-for-my-comfort gingerbread man:

And turning it into a more modest Hawaiin girl, complete with painted toes ;-)

*Seeing the pride shining on Christian's face when he shows me the picture he drew, or when he successfully reads the word "Flavors" on the cereal box. (!!)

*Owen asking me to put my face down near him, only to have him plant a big ol' kiss on my cheek and then happily skip off.

*A husband who notices my feet are cold, goes and gets me a pair of socks and then proceeds to give me a foot massage before putting said socks on my cold feet.

*Oranges, avocados and the ready availability of anything else I might be craving. And healthy cravings!

*Mike&Ikes.  New-found love, right there.

*Tiny baby clothes.

*Cheery painted toes.

*A hot cup of coffee (that doesn't make me sick!!) and a slice of healthy blueberry coffeecake not made by me.

*Burt's Bees Chapstick.  I need to buy stock in them.

*Friends and Family who make me smile every day.